Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our First House!

On October 27, 2008 we closed on our first home!! We searched and we searched for what seemed like months until we found our perfect home. We thought ahead (props to us!) about school districts too. We were able to save up enough money for this house, in Roswell, located in a VERY family-friendly neighborhood. Our future children will walk across the street, with their new neighbor friends, to their elementary school. We have made friends with a lot of our neighbors over this past year and are very pleased that we decided to "make a house our home" here.

Many of our friends and family members spent the weekend before Thanksgiving helping us move ALL of our stuff into our new home. We were so grateful for their time and effort.

standing in front of our new home :)

Brian carried me over the threshold

because our furniture hadn't arrived yet, my parents set up a picnic for us on our living room floor

Our Honeymoon in St. Lucia

So I'm trying to update everyone on the first few years of our lives together as husband and wife and so far in my first post alone, I've only covered our wedding. YIKES! And in this current post, I'll only be covering our first week of marriage. I promise the rest of our posts will cover more time in our lives. It's just hard to sum up the past few years of your life!!

So after our amazing wedding, we spent a week in St. Lucia for our honeymoon...

It was a 1.5 hour drive from the airport to our resort, so we stopped a few times to take some pictures & look at the gorgeous scenery...

When we arrived at our resort (Sandals Grande), we were greeted by our butler. Yes, that's right, our butler. Sweet precious Brian surprised me and got us our own butler for the entire week! Keisha (our butler) escorted us to our rondoval, which we had been upgraded to. Keisha popped a bottle of champagne for us to sip on as she gave us a tour of our rondoval.
We were on Cloud 9 for the rest of the trip!

Our rondoval was super swanky! We had our own private pool and hot tub in our backyard. There was an outdoor shower, a hammock to relax in, and a breakfast table. It was truly paradise!

Keisha did everything for us. She unpacked our bags, escorted us to dinners, brought us drinks on the beach, and drew bubble baths for us.

Keisha served us a special dinner in our room. She served us our favorite appetizers and entrees from all the restaurants on the resort. She lit candles and even put on a romantic CD (it was Jamaican music of course, but still so sweet).

Here we are at our reserved spot on the beach. Keisha brought us drinks and fresh fruit. I tell you it was TRULY paradise!

There were so many delicious restaurant choices on the resort. Keisha would escort us to dinner every night and when we returned to our rondoval, she always had a special surprise waiting for us... she would sprinkle roses all over the floor leading out to our hot tub (or jacuzzi in the room or on the bed, etc.)... complete with champagne, desserts, candles, and cigars. So romantic!

One night we went on the "Evening Party Cruise." There were only 15 other couples on the boat with us - it was wonderful. We were served appetizers and drinks. We were able to see the most beautiful sunset we had ever seen!

All of our bags are packed and we are NOT ready to go!

Our honeymoon in St. Lucia was nothing short of fabulous. St. Lucia was beautiful and we were truly blessed to have such a wonderful experience. We hope that we can go back to Sandals Grande for our 10-year anniversary (although I'm trying to convince Brian to make it 5-year!).

After we returned from a week in paradise, it was back to "reality" and "real life" set in. We both had to go back to work... Brian went back to Prudential and I went back to nannying Lydie. It was hard getting back into the groove of work and the real world, but being together made it all worthwhile!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Very First Blog!

Well this is our first blog, so bear with us as we are learning the ropes. Let me first just catch you up to date on the past few years of our lives together as hubby and wifeski. We met while attending Samford University (in Bham, AL) and fell in love. Basically, Brian stalked me for a few weeks until I gave in haha. But we began courtship, which eventually turned into an engagement... which eventually led to a wedding on March 8, 2008 here in Atlanta. We had the most fabulous wedding-->

getting my hair & makeup did

Bob (B's dad), Brian, Phil (B's bro)

our BEAUTIFUL church where we got married - Peachtree Christian Church

Carolyn (E's mom), Ellen, Lamar (E's dad), Deborah (E's sis)

Phil, JoAnne (B's mom), Brian, Bob

we were so blessed to have all our best friends in our wedding party :)

when 2 become 1

husband & wife

outside our church

our reception was held at The Biltmore: Georgian Ballroom... Ellen's parents had their 2nd date in this very room & this is the moment in time when they fell in love with each other... it just seemed fitting that Brian & Ellen have their reception here :)

our first dance as husband & wife - "True Companion"

my dress was custom-made by Kenneth Poole Platinum... Classic Cheesecakes & Cakes created my wedding cake based on the design of my dress...

March 8, 2008 was basically the most perfect day of our lives. We were both on Cloud 9, head over heels in love with each other, and we got to share the special day with all our friends and family. The next "big event" in our lives happened the very next day... our honeymoon! (this post has gotten WAY too long, I'll make a new post with honeymoon stories & pics)

Here is a slideshow of our favorite wedding pics (turn your sound up so you can hear the music!)...