Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb Photo A Day Challenge

I decided to participate in #FebPhotoADay challenge, prompted by fellow blogger and my BFF Emily. It was SO much fun trying to come up with something different and creative each day to snap a picture of :) Here are my pics...
Day 1: My view - big helper :)
Day 2: Words - Jesus Calling
Day 3: Hands - I can't believe Carter used to be this tiny!Day 4: A Stranger - 365 Days ago this little angel was a stranger to this world... Carter's girlfriend (one of many) turned one today :)
Day 5: 10am - C is napping so I was quietly chopping veggies to make my veggie chili
Day 6: Dinner - Hubs had class tonight so I hate cake for dinner while watching The Bachelor (guilty pleasure!)
Day 7: Button - I wish these 2 things could combine
Day 8: Sun Rise - view from backyard, photo taken by Brian
Day 9: Front Door - do you think people obey the sign? Def not.

Day 10: Self Portrait - always an awkward shot...
Day 11: Makes Me Happy - we went to Nashville for Aubrey's baby shower and stayed with Eve. Eve has a baby named Tyler, same age as Carter, and they had SUCH a fun time playing together all weekend!
Day 12: Inside Your Closet: Inside snapshot of Carter's closet... you can see 3, count them 3, new loveys hanging to dry. He is slightly obsessed and this mama does NOT want to run into a situation of losing one!
Day 13: Blue - blue skies :)
Day 14: Heart - I heart this man :)
Day 15: Phone - I am NOT a phone person. My order of preference is: face to face convo, text/email, and last is phone. But I DO however enjoy my phone conversations with Emmy :)
Day 16: Something New - Carter got a new toy to play with! He loves his big boy chair complete with side table, lamp, clock and book!Day 17: Time - It's time for an early morning walk with our friends Olivia & Kendra :)Day 18: Drink - popcorn & drink while at a movie day date with the hubs. Saw "The Vow" SO good! Day 19: Something I Hate To Do - is see my little guy sick... again. Poor guy had been fighting a cold for about 3-4 weeks :(
Day 20: Handwriting - All doctor's have bad handwriting. My little babe's cold has turned into a double ear infection and a sinus infection :( We doped him up with Advil and an antibiotic :( :( :(
Day 21: A Fave Photo Of Me - Best day of my life :)
Day 22: Where I Work - hands down, best job I've ever had.Day 23: Shoes - tiniest shoes ever
Day 24: Inside My Bathroom Cabinet - love this under eye cream, if it weren't so pricey I'd use it more often!
Day 25: Green - At our friend Abigail's first birthday party :)Day 26: Night - Such a fun Girl's Night Out this weekend :)
Day 27: Something You Ate - okay, it's something HE ate... Carter made SUCH a big mess eating black beans at lunch today, therefore he rode home sans clothes.Day 28: Money - Working on catering for Carter's first bday party and spoke with our fave BBQ place in town today YUM!
Day 29: Something I'm Listening To - I'm watching Fashion Police... gossip, gossip, gossip. SUCH a guilty pleasure :)

Did anyone else participate in #FebPhotoADay??? I had so much fun!