Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last Shower for Baby Hake :)

I had my last shower for Baby Hake yesterday. It was hosted by my Aunt Joan, Anna (cousin), Annie (friend from high school) and her mom Brenda. The food was catered and it was yummy. It was great to have all my high school friends and their sweet moms as well as my family all together to celebrate the anticipated arrival of Baby Hake! Here are a few pics from the party...

Maternity Photo Shoot

So, being the planner that I am, I had booked a photographer to take my maternity pictures over 4 months ago. She sent me an email 3 days prior to our appointment to cancel saying she was in a car accident and is still in recovery. Although I feel bad for her (don't worry, I do have a heart!), she still could have contacted me sooner (the wreck happened almost a month ago!) to let me know. So with 2 days to find a new photographer, we decided to tackle the photo shoot on our own. Brian, my wonderful husband whom I love and adore, took all the pictures of just me/belly. My mom and my sister, Deborah, came over to take the pictures of Brian and I together. Brian got a fancy new camera for Christmas so he had a lot of fun working with the different lenses and editing the pictures. I thought they turned out FANTASTIC!!! Here are a few of my favorite ones...

Baby Shower

My college BFFs threw me a baby shower on Feb 12. It was perfect! The food was amazing and delicious, Chelsea's house was perfect for a party, the game was adorable and sweet, and all my favorite people were there! Here are some pics:
my beautiful hostesses - Chelsea and Emily
the beautiful invitation & "Wishes for Baby Hake" game
my ZTA Little came in town for the shower and made this amazing diaper cake
it was filled with diapers GALORE and many other baby necessities
Allie & me-->3.5 weeks apart
sweet little Al - she is 24 weeks, I am 31 weeks

Chelly & Emmy made mini macaroni and cheese cups, fresh fruit (always a must!), pigs in a blanket, meatballs, and cupcakes
old small group girls - Kara, Susan and Nicole
my sweet Elbows made Baby Hake some beautiful onesies :)
Allison, me, Amanda --> I did my student teaching in Allison's classroom and she was the most PHENOMENAL teacher. I stole a lot of ideas from her for my first year of teaching :) Amanda and I have known each other since 3rd grade and she is one of my dearest friends!
mom & sis (such troopers for attending all my showers!)
prenatal yoga friends - Allie (35 weeks), me (31 weeks), Nicole (37 weeks)
Baby Hake is already SO loved by his Aunt Chelly and Aunt Emmy :)
my wonderful friends and family :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby Hake's latest ultrasound

I went to Stork Vision in Atlanta on January 27 with my mom and sister. Baby Hake was 29 weeks and so adorable! The ultrasound technician spent 30-45 minutes with us and we walked out of our appointment with 2 CDs of all 86 images, 1 DVD that lasts the entire session, and print outs of some of the best images.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Disney characters are a no-no

I had my first Atlanta baby shower this past weekend. On February 5, I had a lovely shower hosted by my best friend since age 2, her mom, and 2 of my mom's friends from her prayer group. These ladies have been a part of my life for a LONG time!
The invitation was adorable and they had cupcakes made to match :) I LOVE the little details like this!
Family (gma from dad's side, dad's 2 sisters and their daughters (aka my cousins)) and friends came to celebrate Baby Hake. I received a lot of wonderful gifts and had a fabulous time!!!!
CiCi & me
Debbie, Judy, Cindy (my 5th grade teacher & inspiration for becoming a teacher), mom, Maryann
I LOVE little Polo outfits! You can't go wrong with these! (To explain the title of this post - I am NOT a fan of baby clothes with Disney characters and the hostesses were making jokes all afternoon telling me they got me ALL Disney character ensembles!)
Lydie and her sweet mom came to my shower. They gave me a newborn session with their photographer (who is phenomenal) and my emotional pregnant self started bawling! I was SO touched!beautiful frame... I can't WAIT to put a pic of Baby Hake in here!
CiCi smocked this outfit for Baby Hake & it is BEAUTIFUL! I am so proud of her :)